Prissy Yogi

Prissy Yogi



About Brandie Thompson aka Prissy Yogi...

While known as the Prissy Yogi, I am anything but Prissy when teaching and practicing Vinyasa yoga. After practicing for a few years, I was inspired by my love for yoga to pursue obtaining my certification. Now as a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher as well as a member of Yoga Alliance, I enjoy sharing my passion for yoga with others so that they can also experience not only an incredible workout but a new appreciation of life as well. Yoga has not only inspired me, it has brought me closer to some amazing individuals within my community and among my travels. I love hearing about others journeys through yoga while building a yoga community filled with acceptance, encouragement, and love for not just those around you but for yourself as well. 

Born and raised in Texas I am truly a Southern Girl. I hug everyone I meet and say y'all, lovely, and darling a lot. I may lose my Southern card admitting that I traded my sweet tea for Starbucks coffee and I look forward to it every morning. Although, I adore yoga, when I am not practicing I love spending time with my husband and daughter as they are the light of my life, I love seeing my family and friends, and love traveling (as we snowboard every Spring), decorating, organizing, entertaining, and photography. And if I can incorporate something sparkly in any situation I become beyond giddy.  I feel I have learned to balance my time while also incorporating people I love with all the things I enjoy, making each day not just full but filled with love and bliss.



Why A Prissy Yogi

I got nicknamed the Prissy Yogi because well I am as Prissy as they come. As my close friends would say, I am not your stereotypical yogi that only eats organic foods, can meditate for long periods of time, or could care less about fashion and design.  Heck I'd wear high heels to yoga if I could and most of the time if I try to meditate I end up making "to-do" lists in my head! So yes I am Prissy - otherwise known as being "girlie", "polished", a bit dainty, and bubbly (in personality & beverages). I believe that you should always be the truest version of yourself that you can be; so when I go to class - no matter if I am teaching or taking the class I get dressed- I enjoy getting dressed up, putting on make-up,  and curling my hair because it's simply a part of my personality. However, don't let my prissy demeanor fool you - I take my practice seriously, pushing myself & continuing to set new goals. I enjoy a good flow or learning a new transition just as much as I enjoy getting a new eye shadow, trench coat, house décor, or yoga accessory. I get just as excited about nailing a pose I have been working on, as I do when my husband brings me flowers for no reason at all.

I find aspects of yoga to be just as special as when I see my daughter's eyes light up after she's discovered something new. Yoga has opened my eyes, heart, and mind to so much but it doesn't change who I am...I embrace all aspects of who I am, from my southern roots, to my prissy demeanor and personality as well as what I truly enjoy in addition to yoga such as, the things listed in the previous section along with spending time with family and friends, & hosting parties and dinners.  Just because you're a Prissy Yogi doesn't mean you're uptight; it simply means you're making every situation an opportunity to have fun and bring a little sparkle with your personality and outlook.  

"A flower doesn't compare itself to the flower next to simply blooms!" I love finding inspiration everywhere- from loved ones, quotes, my own experiences, and often the inspiration comes when least expecting it. I am not concerned with how many inversions I can nail or what fancy Instagram photos I can post but rather that I am being true to my personal journey in yoga and having fun along the way. Making sure I don't let my passion and enjoyment for yoga change the person I am, but rather it simply enhances my prissy personality.  I feel that sometimes we get so wrapped up in being the yogi we think we should be because of those around us that we lose sight of who we are. I am proud to let my journey bloom on it's own accord while still being extremely Prissy and making sure my family is a priority.