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In addition to yoga and my family I love, love, love to travel!!! When traveling I look for new studios or pictures places to practice at. No matter if it's during our annual Snowboarding trip, a relaxing beach vacation, or a weekend get away there is always an opportunity to flow or hit a pose on or off your mat.


Winter Park, Co.

My husband and I love snowboarding together!! Prior to having our daughter we traveled all over taking at least two trips each Spring to try new resorts and mountains and most of the time my practice was in the living area of our hotel room. Once we had our daughter we knew we wanted to introduce her to the snow but we had a large check list that needed to be met for our family and likes with each resort. Winter Park checked all our boxes! We have been going every year now since our daughter was born and while there is not a yoga studio near the resort there is tons of open areas where you can practice, including your room since every room is a small apartment with a living area, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, and bathroom. Plus there are tons of great spots all over the mountain that are great for photos! After a full day of boarding, yoga, and drinks you can unwind in the hot tub!



milan, italy

My husband and I went to Italy for our 9 year wedding anniversary, and needless to say it was just as magical of a trip as it was beautiful. They have a few great yoga studios in Milan but honestly getting out and practicing in the open areas is amazing! Don't worry if people look at you oddly, just have fun and make the moment memorable. Yoga, Shopping, tours, and incredible food paired with wine - seriously what's not to love!!! We can't wait to go back and see more of the country side as well as places like Nice



Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo was truly incredible, from the stunning views, to the amazing view, shopping on every corner, a thrilling night life, and cars that can turn on a dime. We stayed at the Port Palace which gave us a breathtaking view of all the Yachts as it's less than half a mile from the Yacht Club. However I feel certain that there is not  a bad view from any place in Monaco. While I did not find a yoga studio here I knew I had to take advantage of the views as I practiced a bit on the docks by all the huge yachts. I really wanted to do a bit by the palace however I was not so sure if that would be appropriate. If you have the chance to go then DO IT!! And be sure to get some practice in off the mat. 


I didn't get a photo doing yoga in Nashville but I did in the Houston airport...Playing all day, everyday.

I didn't get a photo doing yoga in Nashville but I did in the Houston airport...Playing all day, everyday.

Nashville, TN

I went with my husband to Nashville for his National Awards Ceremony, but I knew that he would be busy during the day and I would have some free time so what would be better to do than find a yoga studio to try out, in addition to a spa day, and site seeing. I went downtown to a studio called Hot Yoga Plus to take the Power class with Shelia. The studio was so incredible welcoming and had tons of great merchandize for sale. The class like I stated was a power class with padded flooring- which since I was used to practicing on wooden floors added a bit of a challenge and really made you engage your muscles - especially your core. Her music was great as well!! Music is a big deal to me and with it being the Music City her playlist did not disappoint. However, I really liked that the yoga community there. Here I was from a totally different state and the people were so nice and filled with compliments. I knew I would only be able to try one yoga class while there since we were not going to be in town long and had other things planned so I was pleased I tried out this studio as I was not disappointed. After having had a rough week before this trip it was just what I get out of town and try something new. 


Kingwood / Houston, Texas

Kingwood is where my family and I call home. Kingwood is located 25-30 mins from Houston. I of course am biased to Kingwood and Houston because it's where I spend the majority of my time with friends and family. There is a ton of wonderful things to do, see, and explore here as well as some of the best food and drinks you'll find anywhere hands down. If you're visiting this part of Houston and want to do yoga then not to worry there are tons of amazing studios as well as free yoga meet ups all the time. I of course would love to have you in one of my classes at Fall Creek Yoga (my schedule is listed in sessions & connections) but I would also be happy to give you tips on different studios located in the area you're visiting since a lot of times just googling for studios can be overwhelming and could lead you to one that was not exactly what you where looking for. Since I this is where I generally am I am showcasing photos taken around town. As you can tell doing yoga here is certainly not the only thing to do here but definitely incredible both in the studio and around town.


Orlando, fl

Dirk and I visited Orlando to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary! While we had taken several extravagant trips together throughout the years we wanted to cut lose and just have fun together and embrace our youth, so we decided that to go to Universal Studio. We both adore Harry Potter so visiting Howarts and Diagon Alley was perfect for us! Because our anniversary is in November all of Universal was decorated for Christmas and it was so magical! I feel that both mine and Dirk's eyes lit up with childlike wonder seeing Universal in this light. When we started dating Dirk introduced me to the Harry Potter movies and at first I was reluctant to watch the first one and then by the end of the second one I was hooked and it has become sentimental for us both now. So walking through, riding rides, shopping, and indulging in treats within this particular part of the park was fun as well as oddly kind of romantic for us. Our trip to Florida was not long so I didn't seek out any yoga studios to drop in at but I did get some stretching and poses in within the park and of courses within the magical world of Harry Potter. Of course I got a few odd looks, as well as a few cheers from people around, but honestly I wasn't worried about everyone else- I was doing what was fun to me- being my love for yoga together with my admiration for Harry Potter. The best part was of course spending the time and exploring the park with my husband. And I was so grateful that my husband was and generally is a trooper with the photos as he knew I really wanted a few photos here on the trip- not just of yoga but even more so with him.