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What's In My Yoga Bag


what's in My Yoga Bag

Yoga mats are often carried to class in straps or in a yoga bag. I love using a yoga bag, and my preference is Lululemon's yoga mat bags. They are durable and have two extra zipper pockets to carry all the "necessary" things I need, and because of the storage it offers I don't have to carry a handbag (although sometimes I do just for fun).

Here's how I pack my Yoga Bag:

I generally use the top pocket for my keys, lip gloss, small perfume, and wallet, then I use the lower pocket for sunglasses and my phone. I throw my hand towel around the bottom of the strap and then I'm completely set. I like that if I want it's all I really need to carry to class and it's perfect for going from yoga with friends straight to brunch or to hit up a good juice bar with a patio (as well as maybe a second run through Starbucks).



Wearing Prissy Well

True you don't need to be completely decked out when you practice yoga but you can still have some pleasure dare I say fun styling your yoga attire. Something as simple as a pair of sparkly earrings or a bracelet can add a little something extra and make you still feel as though you're letting you're darling personality be represented before you even enter the studio or space.

Generally when I get ready to go practice I pick my pants first! I have a small addiction to yoga leggings. I love wearing pants that are colorful, have patterns, or both. I normally go for a higher waist just because that's what I feel my best in. Now while my pants can not be missed, I just about always pair them with a neutral top so that the outfit is a bit more balanced and not completely over the top. I finish it off with accessories - yes accessories! I like wearing a pair of sparkly earrings, a silver bracelet (or two or three), a watch, and sometimes a lightweight necklace. Before heading out the door I apply some make-up, curl my hair, and pick out some shoes. Now since heels are a bit inappropriate, I like to throw on a cute pair of Tory Burch sandals, metallic Steve Madden sneakers, or in cold or rainy weather a pair of Hunter rain boots. And if weather is permitting I really get thrilled to have the chance to pull on a cute and sporty vest, a trench coat, or a light weight scarf. I love accessorizing in my day to day wear so why stop when it comes to yoga. Have fun with your practice and what you wear! 


finding that perfect Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are as personal as your practice. It's like finding your studio home- you have to try out a few before you find what fits you best. My personal preference for a mat is the Lululemon mats- I like that I don't slip on them, and they have a variety of colors. I have friends that love Manduka mats & Alo mats, but my best advice is try out a few different brands. Make sure you feel comfortable on the mat & have fun picking the perfect one or brand...maybe branch out and try a fun color. I enjoy looking at all the new colors as well as finding out if they offer new options, such as the thickness of the mat and lengths, because some are great for your daily practice and some are easier to travel with. But once you get that new mat enjoy it- I know I always look forward to practicing on a new mat and inhaling the smell of it when I first get it, much like a new car smell! Delightful!